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If your closer is banging shut, hanging open in the wind or leaking oil you need a new closer with a 2 through 6 power range and adjusting screws for closing and latching speeds. We also supply closers with hold open arms, back checks and barrier free power. We can resecure closers that are coming loose with special rivnut fasteners and correct improper installations that cause the closer arm to lift as the door closes.

Door Closers

Door Closers have three basic functions maintain the internal environment, control access and prevent the spread of fire.

Closer Size

Budget closers have one preset power level and are used on interior doors only; better closers have an adjustable power range from 1 or 2 through 6 because they are often used for exterior doors as well. The best closers are heavy duty with larger springs, more adjustments and heavier arms.

Closer Mounting Options

Many closers come tri-packed ie able to be mounted in any of the three following configurations. Most interior closers are mounted with the body on the face of the door and the arm on the door header. aluminum door

Closers often have the closer body on the header and the arm on the door because of the narrow top rail of these doors. Exterior closers on hollow metal doors are typically mounted with the body on the door and the arm attached to a shoe on the underside of the header.

Closer Speed Settings

Almost all closers can be adjust for closing speed - how fast the door closes from 90 degrees To 5 degrees and the latching speed  how quickly the door closes the last 5 degrees. Closers can also be equipped with back checks to restrain the closer arm from bending back until wind loads, and barrier free reduced opening pressure (10 newtons).

Closer Arms

Closer arms can be equipped to stay open either by spring pressure when the door is pushed beyond 90 or mechanically when the arm clicks  into a restrainer on the arm shoe. This feature allows people and cargo to pass unrestricted through the door. Closer arms are also available over width for deeply recessed doors and with fusible links so that doors normall restrained open will close automatically in a fire.