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Hardware: Hinges


If your hinges are blackened from friction filings and squeak, you need ball bearing hinges. If your exterior hinges are rusted out, we can supply stainless steel replacements with non removable pins. For high traffic or oversize doors, we supply heavy duty pin and barrel or geared continuous hinges.

4 ½ x 4 Template Hinges

Most commercial wood, steel and aluminum doors today use 4 x 4 ½" ball bearing hinges. We recommend stainless steel hinges for exterior doors with non removeable pins (NRP) .

Heavy Duty Hinges

For steel and wood doors over 36" wide, we recommend you use heavy duty 5 knuckle hinges with thicker leafs. These will require deeper hinge settings. Some hollow metal hinge mounting plates have raised knobs that can be ground down to accommodate heavier hinges.

4" Hinges

If you are a property manager for an older apartment building, you may have 4" high hinges welded into the frame. We can custom fabricate new hollow metal doors with blank 4" hinge preps that we drill and tap on site.

Top Pivot Hinges

If you can't install heavy duty hinges to correct door sag here's a solution. We can install an Auxiliary top pivot hinge. This hinge fastens to the top of the door and the header to pull the door back in line and relieve the pressure on the existing top hinge.

Speciality Hinges

We also install a range of specialized hinges on wood doors from top and bottom pivot hinges to spring loaded pivot hinges and "invisible" SOSS hinges that are routed into the door and jamb and hidden from view until the door is opened.

Piano & Continuous Hinges

These hinges area ideal for high traffic high abuse doors because they spread the load from the top hinge along the entire length of the door. Surface mounted continuous hinges are a popular and easy replacement for defective pivot hinges on aluminum doors.