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We replace worn or defective mortise and cylindrical locks keyed to your building master. We can drill out and prep doors and frames for new deadbolts, mechanical push button locks and electronic locks. We prep frames for electric strikes . We also install the CX5 high security keyway with its patented side pins and geographically specific grooved keys assigned to our company alone.

Cylindrical Locksets

Quality cylindrical locksets have a long product life. They are cheaper than mortise locksets and easily installed. However to change functions eg from entry to storeroom, you must purchase a replacement lock.

We offer high quality, yet economical Offshofe replacement locks with Schlage C and Sargent LA-LD compatible keyways For for your Schlage and Sargent locksets locksets to name just two. A chart showing common lockset funcations is avaialbe in the resource section.

Mortise Locksets.

Mortise Locks are usually found in institutional buildings. They consist of a rectangular chassis inserted into a slot in The door with function holes cut into the door face for handles, cylinders and

Their big advantage is a) the inter- changeability of mortise cylinders and b) the ability to change lock functions by removing the chasing and rearranging the Internal components. If you have mortise
locksets, we can service them for you.

Push Button Mechanical Locks

Stand alone mechanical push button locks offer a quick and convenient way to provide building access without providing keys. More importantly, the combination can be changed within minutes when there is a staff turnover. Key overrides for management are available.

Push Button Electronic Locks

These locks are activated by a small servo motor that retractds the latch when the correct code is punched in. These locks have all the advantages of the mechanical locks, plus they provide an audit trail of who entered the building.

Swipe Card Locks

Everyone who travels is familiar with swipe card locks. These locks again provide the convenience of controlled access without the bother of keys or the expense of a control  panel, electric strikes high voltage power  and low voltage wiring characterstic of proximity card readers.