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Properly working exit devices are a life safety requirement. Worn dogging holes, broken end caps, loose jamb strikes and sagging crossbars are problems that cannot wait for another day. We supply replacement panic exit devices with a wide variety of options – cylinder dogging, alarms – and exterior trims including knobsets, levers and gripsets.

Panic Exit Devices

As the name suggests panic exit devices are designed to allow people to exit quickly from a building without turning knobs, levers or latches. Did you know that if you have over 20 employees your fire exit doors must be equipped with panic Exit devices as per National Fife Prevention Act (NFPA 80).

Panic Devices Improve Building Security

Exit only panic devices also improve building security because there is no exterior trim to be attacked by would be thieves. Even exterior trim with gripsets are an improvement over knobsets and levers that can be smashed off in break-in attempts.

Building owners who install standard knobs on fire exit doors and then secure the doors with tower bolts installed on the edge of the doors are also breaking the law. In the event of an emergency rush to the door, People pressed against the doors by others will not be able to release the bolts. Panic
Devices provide security without breaking the law.

Panic Devices For Double Doors

In paired double doors with a centre mullion standard panic exit devices are easily and economically installed. Where there is no centre mullion, panic exits with eand bottom vertical rods will be required to secure the door. These panic exits are effective as long as the latches particularly the bottom latches are not subject to abuse.

Fire Rated Panic Devices

Non fire rated panic exits are equipped with a dogging feature that allows the flat bar to depressed leaving the door unlatched for unrestricted traffic. Fire rated panic devices do not have this feature . They cannot be dogged open and must be positive latched  at all times. Note: fire rated panic devices
Are required on interior Fire separations such as stairwells, not on Exit doors unless there is an adjacent Building within 10 ft of the opening.

Exterior Trim

Panic Exit Devices can be equipped with exterior knobs and leversets for retrofitting into doors with standard lock cut outs. They can also be equipped with plain grip sets and  cylinders, Or gripsets with thumb piece activation. Doors must be prep'd with cylinder holes and sometimes also mounting holes to accommodate these gripsets.

Panic Devices And Keying

Panic exit devices can be ordered with store room function ie they are always in the locked position until the key is turned. They  can also be ordered with a classroom function where "over-rotating" the key keeps the panic device in the unlocked position until  the key is rotated back.