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Don’t wave a red flag at would be thieves. Reinforcing plates, security astragals, deadbolts and latch protectors are proven aids In deterring theft and break ins.Exit alarms deter unauthorized exiting particularly at required fire exits in retail establishments. Wide angle door viewers protect staff at night when opening rear doors.


Building security is easily improved even without the addition of proximity card  readers and CCTV. The following simple improvements will substantially improve your door defences.


Protect the gap between your door and frame with full length astragals. For new doors we tack weld steel flat bar to the front edge of the door. For retrofits, we install full lenth stainless steel astragals
With anti-tamper screws.

Exit Alarms

It is just as important to restrict unauthorIzed access out of a building as it is to prevent uncontrolled entry. Small battery, Effective accessories. Alarmed panic  devices combine two functions in one

Latch Gaurds

Cylindrical locks and leversets can be easily attached by prying the door away from the frame. Electric strikes are even more vulnerable. Latch guards are an inexpensive way to block pry bar attacks on existing door hardware. They are available for locks, lock/deadbolt combinations and electric strikes.

Door Viewers

Do you answer a knock on your back door? Without a door viewer, you are vulnerable.We take the risk out of opening shipping doors by installing wide angle door viewers into existing doors. These viewers give Your staff a 270 degree field of vision. Even with viewers one rule remains paramount
don't open the door to strangers!