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Man Doors: Aluminum


Aluminum doors are used everywhere as building entrances. They do not corrode or require refinishing. They are strong, yet lightweight, durable and accommodate large glass lites. Nontheless, aluminum doors do require maintenance, most often from worn pivot hinges that cause the door to rub but also for closers, panic bars, latches and auxillary hardware such as flush bolts.

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Replacement Hardware

We replace damaged or defective door closers, deadlocks, deadlatches and paddles, panic exit devices, and electric strikes. Call us before the wind catches your door and damages the frame.

Better Weather Seals

Reduce leaks and air drafts coming from your doors with  new weather strip, brush sweeps,  step thresholds and drip caps before you find a water or snow on the wrong side of the door.

Security Upgrades

Improve security with a new easy steps. Exchange deadlocks for paddle activated deadlatches to allow after hours exiting while keeping the door always locked. Add electric strikes to control selective access to your building or unit.

Automatic Openers

Adding automatic door openers is a smart investment not only for physically challenged visitors but for all visitors and staff bringing parcels and other objects through your door.

Damage Storefronts

When a car jumps the curb and takes out your storefront, we are on hand to coordinate repairs to the windos, brick sills, drywall knee walls and interior finishes.

Break In Repair

When thieves smash your door glass, we replace the glass. Better yet we can reinforce the new glass with invisible Proteck security film to for greater impact resistance and  your peace of mind.