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Hollow metal Doors and frames are used throughout industrial, commercial and institutional construction because they are economical, versatile secure and easily fire rated. They can easily be adapted to suit different hardware configurations and can be customized to suit non standard openings and different wall conditions. They are abuse resistant and durable, but when damaged, or corroded can easily be replaced.

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Rusted Out Frames

Frames improperly caulked or left in standing water or Snow will rust over time. Rusted mortar filled frames will swell causing doors to bind. We can cut out the rusted sections and weld in replacement material. We not only prime our welds but topcoat them with a rust resistant paint.

Damaged Frames

We remove frames that are bent or twisted, pulling Away from the wall or excessively rusted. Then we
install a new frame with narrower face material to fit the opening and allow the same door or a standard
sized replacement door to be reinstalled.

Rubbing Doors

If the frame is pinched in at the center, out of plumb or not square, the door will rub and stick particularly
In hot weather. For minor rubbing, we can "pull" the door over by reducing the gap between the hinge leafs. For major rubbing we can install custom underwidth doors.

Sagging Doors

Doors blocked open with objects placed between the door and frame on the hinge side will bend or break the top hinge reinforcing plates on either the door or frame. We can bend the hinge plates back into alignment or reweld them to eliminate the sag.

Wobby Doors

Trying to pull doors shut while blocked open will twist the doors causing the steel face sheets to
separate from the cardboard core. The door will then "oil can" We cannot reverse this condition
but we can tack weld the interlocking door seams to extend the useful life of the door.

Lite & Louvre Cut Outs

Lite kits not only bring light into corridors, they also improve pedestrian safety. We can install narrow lites lites with tempered or gpw glass Into your corridor doors. We also install half lights with tempered gpw combo units into exterior doors. Where ventilation is an issue, we also install louvers.

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