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Shutters & Grilles: Rollshutters


Close up storage facilities, kiosks and booths and serving counters with linked steel or aluminum rollshutters. Tougher and more vandal resistant than overhead or hinged doors, rollshutters provide an effective deterrent to would be thieves. Maintenance is minimal. These units will provide years of reliable service.

Steel Rollshutters

These rollshutters and typically used for outside storage facilites, kiosks and seasonal booths or inside serving counters and lock ups. They are strong, durable and functional in appearance and are effective in deterring many would be thieves. The units are can be lifted manually with a torsion spring assist or automatically with a jackshaft motor and wall switch.

Aluminum Rollshutters

Strong secure and durable aluminum rollshutters are available in 6 standard colours - white, grey, woodgrain, almond, brown and tan. They are typically used in in offices for file lock up closets and  kitchen serveries . They are also used on the outside of residential windows and doors to increase security, and reduce exterior noise and heat loss. These units can be manually operated by tape or hand crank or motorized with wall switch or remote control.

Aluminum Grilles

Roll down and sliding aluminum grilles protect store fronts both inside and out, front counters and other restricted areas during off hours. Roll down grilles consist of interconnected  aluminum tube and link sections. Sliding grilles consist of the same  with or without glass or perforated aluminum filler panels. Sliding grilles in store units are supplied with built in emergency doors or break away sections.