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Replacement  Hinges

If your hinges are blackened from  friction filings and squeek, you need ball bearing hinges. If  your exterior hinges are rusted out, we can supply stainless steel replacements with non removeable pins. For high traffic or oversize doors, we supply heavy duty pin and barrel or geared continuous hinges.

Secure Locks

Call us first for lock change outs. We replace worn or defective mortise and cylindrical locks keyed to your building master. We can drill out and prep doors and frames for new deadbolts, mechanical push button locks and electronic locks. We prep frames for electric strikes . We also install the CX5 high security keyway with its patented side pins and geographically specific grooved keys assigned to our company alone.

Adjustable Closers

If  your closer is banging shut, hanging open in the wind or leaking oil you need a new closer with a 2 through 6 power range and  adjusting screws for closing and latching speeds.  We also supply closers with hold open arms, back checks and barrier free power. We can resecure closers that are coming loose with special rivnut fasteners and correct improper installations that cause the closer arm to lift as the door closes.

Panic Exit Devices

Properly working exit devices are a life safety requirement. Worn dogging holes, broken end caps, loose jamb strikes and sagging crossbars are problems that cannot wait for another day. We supply replacement panic exit devices with a wide variety of options - cylinder dogging, alarms - and exterior trims including knobsets, levers and gripsets.

Rain and Draft Seals

If water is pooling under your door and drafts are coming in, it is time we replaced your worn threshold sweep and weather seals. We can install a "step threshold" to intercept rain,  nylon door sweeps that sit tight to thresholds without wearing away and flexible weather seals along door perimeters. Put the mop away. We have a wide selection of weather seals to keep the weather where it belongs - outside.

Security Upgrades

Don't wave a red flag at would be thieves. Reinforcing plates, security astragals, deadbolts and  latch protectors are proven aids In deterring theft and break ins. Exit alarms deter unauthorized exiting particularly at required fire exits in retail establishments. Wide angle door viewers protect staff at night when opening rear doors.